Terukkuttu -street theatre

Terukkuttu is a Tamil street theatre form practised in Tamil Nadu state of India and Tamil-speaking regions of Sri Lanka. Terukuttu is a form of entertainment, a ritual, and a medium of social instruction.

The terukkuttu plays various themes. One theme is from the Tamil language versions of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, focusing on the character Draupadi.

Terukkuttu referred to mobile performances in a procession,

The terukkuttu plays form part of ritual celebrations including the twenty-one day temple festival starting in Chittirai, the first month of the Tamil calendar



it is a folk art originated from the early Tamil country

Koothu as a form of entertainment reached its peak hundreds of years ago in Tamil Nadu, as mentioned in the Sangam texts about the development of iyal (literature), isai (music) and natagam (drama). Going beyond just a means of entertainment, koothu educates the rural people about religion and their history.




The terukkuttu plays are a combination of song, music, dance and drama. The actors wear colorful costumes.



The musical instruments used by the terukkuttu musicians include harmonium, drums, a mukhavinai ( oboe), and cymbals.



After the song, an actor delivers a speech based on it.


A snapshot of an photographer


Badri poundareegapuram Narayanan, known as Badri PN among his friends and business acquaintances, is a Mechanical Engineer turned photographer. But Badri is not any Mechanical Engineer. He is a Master in production engineering from Madurai’s famed Thiagarajar college of engineering.

After doing a short stint as a production engineer and as a professor in a college, Badri discovered that his passion lay elsewhere. He found out that he had an eye for photography, and capturing moments was his calling.

Badri says that his love for photography goes back to his school days. ‘I used to experiment with my Konica film camera. I didn’t know composition, rules of third or any such thing then. I just wanted to take interesting pictures.’

Badri is now an upcoming independent photographer running his own studio called ‘MADRAS MONITOR ’. He has turned his once bedroom into a modern air-conditioned studio replete with professional cameras, studio lights and a dressing room. It’s only a few minutes away from the Velachery MRTS station.

His studio offers the space for product photography, fashion shoots and model portfolios. But his passion for photography goes beyond the confines of a controlled setting. He has also done wedding photography, corporate shoots and event coverages, both big and small.

Badri handled the photo coverage of the English play ‘Cinderella’ featuring actor Ganesh Venkatraman and actress Aishwarya Rajesh. He was also the brains behind the motion vfx and the led backdrop story at the event.

In 2014, his picture titled ‘Monsoon starts’ was published in an international street photography magazine. In another edition, the magazine also carried his photo series captioned ‘Leg’. His work has also appeared in various local newspapers.

When asked the cliche question ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years’, Badri said that he would like to start a creative agency that offers turnkey digital image solutions. In fact, Madras monitor is already making efforts to become a multimedia service centre. It offers design, VFX, video editing and powerpoint presentation for everything under the sun.

You can reach him at nbadri87@gmail.com. If you are the kind who likes to talk, then give him a buzz at facebook/bad3.pn.

MOBILE : +919840919125

Services offered: Photography & retouching, Graphic design & print production,
Product Promotion and Videography.

Clientele: Sri Krishna Gana Sabha | Zakir Hussian’s Cinderella | Ekanta Vaishali Bangles | Interpid Web Studio | VGP Golden Beach | Bright Media






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